I come home from work somedays and I really feel stressed! But I need to describe the feeling I get when I walk into work in the morning, exhausted before the day has even started; but hearing one of my Key children yell my name and come running over for a cuddle! It melts my heart beyond words 🙂

Watching a child take their first steps, hearing them learning new words, watching them finally work out how to do something, having that first moment where they don’t get upset when seperating from their parents.. 

In our nursery we do something called ‘Learning Journeys‘ which are done in a scrapbook type way. We add pictures, observations and artwork to show what the children get up to each month. It is a lovely thing for the parents to keep, and shows the parents what their children get up to whilst they are at work.

The other part of my job that I find enjoyable is the planning.. I never thought I’d be able to say that! We do something called ‘In the moment planning’ which is basically all about following what the children are interested in, and we don’t plan ahead, just extend the activities ‘in the moment’. It is so easy and you really see the change in the children!