It’s that awkward time of year, no one seems sure what time or day it is.. its also a pain, as the nursery is open three days this week so it is making it even more confusing!

I’m on the 645-430 shift this week, meaning I would usually leave my flat at 6 to get to work on time- I usually get 2 buses! But Arriva have decided to put the buses onto Saturday service this week so the buses aren’t running until 630, which is way too late for me! So guess what, I had to leave my flat at 530 and walk (or should I say ice skate) to work. It was dark, cold and so so icy! I’d never been so happy to see the nursey!

When I opened up, I did my usual checks, put the computer on and started doing some work. It got to 645 and my 2nd member of staff still wasn’t here… I left it another few minutes and she still wasn’t here, and that’s really not like her. I suddenly began to freak out! Have I got the wrong day? Does she know she’s due to start early? I began frantically hunting for her number to call her and check, and she buzzes the door, apologising that she’s late, had to de-ice the car bla bla!

After my manic 5 minutes and my eventful ice skate to work… I was left in the room by myself all day, no children, to clean and sort through stuff.. it was pure bliss, I was in my element! Today has been much the same, only having 6 children with 4 of us, I took it upon myself to keep cleaning away, and the room is looking amazing!

Can we have Christmas all year round please? My job is so much simpler at this time of year!