Well the rest of my week at work, went without an issue. We had an entertainer come in and do a show for the entire nursery… The only problem was, it was in the school not the nursery… 

The school is literally only 30 seconds walk away, but when your trying to get 9 15 month old children out in a group it takes a lot longer! 

We finally got in there, sat down and most of the children enjoyed watching him, although at one point when the puppets were out I had 3 children on my lap! It was even more fun trying to get the back to the nursery- especially when they all decided they couldn’t possibly walk, so I had 3 children crying wanting to be picked up but not enough hands (or upper body strength) to fulfill these requests! 

Friday was a complete drag, I was working an 8-12 shift, and we only had 5 children in the room, all of which didn’t want an adult an adult involved in their play.. so I sat twiddling my thumbs for my 4 hour shift pretty much, but now it’s time for Christmas!!!!