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‘Christmas fun week’

Well, it’s only Tuesday night and I’m already exhausted and ready for the weekend…

My nursery is having it’s Christmas fun week this week… I’d be lying if I said I’ve been enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, the 12 little darlings we’ve had in have been enjoying making an absolute mess, and the parents have been turning up to get involved too which has been lovely, however I don’t think you get how much preparation goes into 1 ‘event’; Ensuring everything is prepared in advance, the late nights making the last minute bits! 

Anyway, this week, we’ve got 4 events! Yaaaay! 😩 

Monday was eventful, Santa and his reindeer came to visit us; which sounds good on the surface right?! We’ll try getting 12 children across the car park with 4 members of staff, and when you finally get over there, 5 of the children go into complete melt down and try to run away… jealous yet? It got better, we had a Christmas dinner, which involved a whole lot of mess and children attempting to steal food off of my plate, but over all it could have been worse.. 

I could complain all day about the bad stuff, but I wouldn’t be in that job if I didn’t love it! It is truely the most rewarding thing I can think of, and no amount of snot, sick or poo can put me off of my job; Hearing a child say your name for the first time, seeing it click in their brain when they finally work out how to do something, just sharing those little things with those children makes it so very worth it ❤❤

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What I do and Why…

I come home from work somedays and I really feel stressed! But I need to describe the feeling I get when I walk into work in the morning, exhausted before the day has even started; but hearing one of my Key children yell my name and come running over for a cuddle! It melts my heart beyond words 🙂

Watching a child take their first steps, hearing them learning new words, watching them finally work out how to do something, having that first moment where they don’t get upset when seperating from their parents.. 

In our nursery we do something called ‘Learning Journeys‘ which are done in a scrapbook type way. We add pictures, observations and artwork to show what the children get up to each month. It is a lovely thing for the parents to keep, and shows the parents what their children get up to whilst they are at work.

The other part of my job that I find enjoyable is the planning.. I never thought I’d be able to say that! We do something called ‘In the moment planning’ which is basically all about following what the children are interested in, and we don’t plan ahead, just extend the activities ‘in the moment’. It is so easy and you really see the change in the children!

The Girl Behind The Screen

IMG_0654.JPGHi again, thought I’d do something a bit different today.

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Keep it clean!

It’s that awkward time of year, no one seems sure what time or day it is.. its also a pain, as the nursery is open three days this week so it is making it even more confusing!

I’m on the 645-430 shift this week, meaning I would usually leave my flat at 6 to get to work on time- I usually get 2 buses! But Arriva have decided to put the buses onto Saturday service this week so the buses aren’t running until 630, which is way too late for me! So guess what, I had to leave my flat at 530 and walk (or should I say ice skate) to work. It was dark, cold and so so icy! I’d never been so happy to see the nursey!

When I opened up, I did my usual checks, put the computer on and started doing some work. It got to 645 and my 2nd member of staff still wasn’t here… I left it another few minutes and she still wasn’t here, and that’s really not like her. I suddenly began to freak out! Have I got the wrong day? Does she know she’s due to start early? I began frantically hunting for her number to call her and check, and she buzzes the door, apologising that she’s late, had to de-ice the car bla bla!

After my manic 5 minutes and my eventful ice skate to work… I was left in the room by myself all day, no children, to clean and sort through stuff.. it was pure bliss, I was in my element! Today has been much the same, only having 6 children with 4 of us, I took it upon myself to keep cleaning away, and the room is looking amazing!

Can we have Christmas all year round please? My job is so much simpler at this time of year!


Well the rest of my week at work, went without an issue. We had an entertainer come in and do a show for the entire nursery… The only problem was, it was in the school not the nursery… 

The school is literally only 30 seconds walk away, but when your trying to get 9 15 month old children out in a group it takes a lot longer! 

We finally got in there, sat down and most of the children enjoyed watching him, although at one point when the puppets were out I had 3 children on my lap! It was even more fun trying to get the back to the nursery- especially when they all decided they couldn’t possibly walk, so I had 3 children crying wanting to be picked up but not enough hands (or upper body strength) to fulfill these requests! 

Friday was a complete drag, I was working an 8-12 shift, and we only had 5 children in the room, all of which didn’t want an adult an adult involved in their play.. so I sat twiddling my thumbs for my 4 hour shift pretty much, but now it’s time for Christmas!!!! 

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